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Nov 4, 2017

  • Terms and condition: CELLPHONEVILLA is the website of social networking which consent to user for share as well comment within varieties consumer product of electronics. Using website, view content from here you have to accept, agreed and abide by the terms and conditions including its provisions. This website is free of charge. Moreover access, use and download content or materials from website you are bounded and agreed with terms and conditions.
  • Copyright policy: Product names including company in this site are trademarks as well as registered in individual companies as well as accredited respectfully.
  •  Information of Website: Users can be able to view, download, copy and print provided documents. Information of this website is dependent of third party trademarks website . We are not  confirmed sure all the information is 100% correct. Electronics consumer product configuration, price may be changed according to the third party website link. Even this website can restrain hyperlinks of websites which are controlled through parties that are not related with CELLPHONEVILLA and we are not responsible for that. We have added product, configuration and price according to the third party at the first time and it may be changed in future.
  • Opinion or Feedback: You can give feedback regarding product as well as you can give feedback to us for modification of the website that will help us to give you better browser experience and smooth service. Comments, information or feedback, materials that will be submitted in cell phone arena through website may be measured as non-confidential as well as cell phone villa property.
  • DISCLAIMERS: Software, information, product as well as services that contain in this website may be out dated or consist of omission, inaccurate or may be error. User access and uses of this website can be restricted including CELLPHONEVILLA has the right for making any changes, updates the website anytime without any notice.

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