Whats New in the iPhone 8 & X

Nov 11, 2017
Posted by: Panna

Apple new upcoming iPhone 8 or iPhone X, or iPhone Edition will unveil at September 12. Apple remove the home button thats become almost screen according to new image leaks of this high-end flagship phone.

Apple coming with three new models with high-end device, home button removal, gesture control for tasks and multitasking.This phone will still have 6 vertical rows of apps icons, showing 24 icons on per page excluding the dock, a grey color barat the bottom that houses mostly used apps. The dock is new designed with a new interface similar to the one on the New iPadversion of iOS 11.

Screen: OLED Screen, Bigger than iphone 7 Plus
Home Button: No
Gesture control: Yes
iOS: iOS 11
Sensor: facial recognition
Selfie camera: Yes



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