What's Best features include in iOS 11

Sep 28, 2017
Posted by: Panna

Mature OS

The world most advanced mobile OS iOS released new version iOS 11. This advanced iOS makes iPad and iPhone better than before iOS's. iOS 11 makes iPhone and iPad more potential than before. Reality and games open up both to amazing possibilities for illuminating.

Files App

iOS 11 new Files app brings All files togather. User can simply search, browse and arrange all types of files in one app. And one place dedicated for recent files

Animated reality

In the iOS 11 largest animated reality platform. Games and apps now offer immersive and fluid experiences that go far beyond the screen. Advantages of the latest in AR technology, user can digitally redecorate your home, explore a city you’ve never visited, or even try on a new tattoo.

Scan and Sign

The new Document Scanner in Notes automatically senses and scans a document, crops the edges, and removes any tilt or glare. Fill in the blanks or sign it with Apple Pencil, then save or share it easily.

AirPlay 2

You can control your home audio system and the speakers throughout your house. You can play a song in the living room and your kitchen at the same time. Adjust the volume in any room.


iOS 11 new Dock is amazing change for iPad and available from all screen. Just a swipe, user can switch apps instantly. And also can set apps for user requirements.


iOS 11 makes multitasking more easier and intuitive than ever. User can open another app from the Dock and drag the another app in slide over to he left.

Taking live Photos

Now your Live Photos can be even more expressive, creative and just plain fun.



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