The Highest rates smartphone HTC U 11 Scores 90 in DxOMark

May 18, 2017
Posted by: Panna

HTC launched Excellent and Highest-rated (90) camera phone where Samsung galaxy S8 rating is 88 provides DxoMARK. In this smartphone, camera provides low noise photo and fast auto focus. The Google pixel is second position, score is 89. The HTC U11 camera impressive performance in wide angel shooting position and it’s a great camera for most environment. This smartphone contains 12MP UltraPixel 3, Ultra Speed Autofocus, f/1.7, OIS, Dual LED flash, RAW capturing and 4K video recording with 3D Audio, Hi-Res audio, Acoustic Focus ; 1080p @ 120fps slow-mo. with 16MP; 1080p video recording selfie  camera.

Very fast autofocus and accurate especially in bright light conditions.
Good details preservation in both outdoor and low light conditions.
Good target exposure and dynamic range.
White balance is generally pleasant, and color rendering is good.
Noise level is low in low light condition.
Flash: good exposure, white balance and details preservation.
In some outdoor scenes a slight bluish cast is visible.
Luminance noise is slightly visible in the sky.
Ghosting, color fringing and ringing sometimes visible


Fast and accurate AF, in all conditions, with good tracking capabilities.
Very effective stabilization.
Good target exposure and white balance, with fast and smooth adaptation.
Good noise level in all conditions.
Good detail preservation.
Limited dynamic in high dynamic scenes.
Slight loss of details in low light conditions.
Visible judder effect during panning movements.
Very slight color shading in low light conditions.








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