Get a Free Gear VR for Buying Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Feb 1, 2018
Posted by: Panna

Samsung Electronics offering for T-Mobile user to get a free Gear VR with a stylist Controller for
buy a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus within May 14, 2017. T-Mobile also says, to purchased Samsung
Galaxy S8 or S8 plus between April 21 to April 27 will also qualify.

T-Mobile also Offering to customers to buy a Galaxy s8 or Galaxy S8 plus on EIP, JUMP! On Demand or
full from Customer care, T-Mobile Dealer, Costco, Military Store, telesales and

When you will buy the Galaxy s8 or Galaxy S8 plus, you will have to register this Samsung Promotion web
between May 10 and May 28for get a  VR.

You have to spend $129.99 to buy Gear VR for Samsung, so its a good offer for customers.

Source Via Samsung


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