Samsung releasing Samsung galaxy S8 Windows 10 Mobile Version

Sep 14, 2017
Posted by: Panna

At this time, Apple flagship phones, Windows10 mobile flagship phones, and Android flagship phones performance is still a little bit of gap. Recently, the Internet spread a few suspected Win10 system equipped with Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 + mobile phone.
From the given picture, this Samsung S8 has the same Win10 main interface, so do not let people believe that Win10 version of the Samsung S8 does exist.earlier news, Qualcomm has clearly pointed out that Xiaolong 835 can run Win10 desktop system. Because Win10 allows ARM chips to run Win32 applications with the simulator, and the efficiency is high. Samsung S8 as the representative of the Xiaolong 835
platform models are also expected to run Win10 desktop system. 
Here, Samsung new rumors of Samsung Galaxy S8 Windows 10 mobile images leaks


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